The Livermore Cultural Arts Council (LCAC) is a coalition of non-profit arts and education groups supporting each other through networking, resource sharing, and coordination.  These collaborative efforts serve to strengthen the organizations while promoting greater community engagement in the cultural arts.



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Since the inception of the Livermore Cultural Arts Council over 50 years ago, its member groups (all non-profits) have struggled to find….

LCAC Membership Meeting

Monthly member.ship meeting of the Livermore Cultural Arts Council.

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SPARC Salon – Stage Combat

Introduction to Single Sword Stage Combat with Sydney Schwindt, Fight Director.

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LVO – Arias from Tosca and More

Get ready to enjoy a magical journey with arias from Puccini’s TOSCA and other beloved arias and songs sung by four of the principal artists who would have performed in LVO's March 2021 production.  …

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SPARC Salon – Ten Plays Everyone Should See

Discuss and debate with Mary Ann Rodgers, Actor/Director, her selection of the ten plays everyone should see.

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SPARC Salon – Courtesy, Status & Etiquette in Elizabethan and Regency Eras

Learn from Jennifer Le Blanc, MFA, about behavioral norms and societal expectations during the Elizabethan and Regency Eras.

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LVPAC – National Geographic Live: Mysterious Seas

Get a glimpse into the ocean’s greatest depths—and the fascinating creatures that live there—with two leading marine biologists and National Geographic Explorers.

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Our Featured Arts Group

Valley Dance Theatre

From the Nutcracker 2019

The dancer is Carmen Cortez.