The Livermore Cultural Arts Council, a coalition of not for profit cultural arts organizations and public agencies, celebrates the uniqueness of all individuals. Each is equally welcome in the cultural arts community. LCAC is committed to the inclusion in arts programming and administration all people regardless of ethnicity, heritage, socio-economic status, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, citizenship, and physical abilities.

LCAC pledges on behalf of itself and its member groups to factor tolerance, inclusivity, diversity, and equity into all decisions it makes about programming, venues, hiring, its volunteer corps, officers, and boards of directors. LCAC believes its member organizations play a unique role in modelling the humanity in all of us. The cultural arts bring into focus who we are, what we value, and why we behave as we do.

LCAC member groups strive to celebrate our diverse experiences, heritages, orientations, and abilities in welcoming and accessible spaces, on their boards of directors, in their volunteer corps, and in the work they produce. LCAC recognizes that there are systems of power that grant privilege and access unequally. Those inequities and injustices, whether or not intentional, must be continuously addressed and changed.

The member organizations of the Livermore Cultural Arts Council must and will hold themselves accountable. Everyone deserves equal access to a full, vibrant creative life, which is essential to a healthy and democratic society.