Message from the President October, 2020

     Everyone has a story to tell. These stories are the essence of the cultural arts. They connect us and open our minds to wide-ranging possibilities. We face the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, social unrest, and wildfires. Telling our stories through paintings, drawings, dance, theater, music, speakers, and heritage celebrations is essential to our well being.

     For more than 50 years, LCAC has brought non-profit cultural arts and arts education organizations together to tackle common needs and objectives. LCAC’s 29 member groups collaborate to strengthen each other, and in so doing, strengthen the cultural arts scene in Livermore. The member groups are endeavoring to innovate, and even reinvent, themselves. Notwithstanding financial barriers, LCAC’s members have already started to adapt in unique and accessible ways. The annual Art Walk in October will adhere to social distancing guidelines. The Livermore Valley Opera has developed a YouTube subscription channel. The Livermore Shakespeare Festival is commissioning a new play. The Bankhead Theater is filming concerts at Retzlaff Vineyards for remote viewing. Cantabella Children’s Chorus will be holding online classes. The list goes on.

     LCAC’s member organizations recently identified specific goals for the next 12 months, and will be focusing on inclusivity and accessibility in its promotion of the cultural arts, advocacy before public agencies, affordable storage (which is a persistent need for most LCAC  organizations), and a joint calendaring system that will hopefully help with conflict avoidance in addition to serving as a community resource. Each of these goals will be prominently featured on our recently revamped and continually improving website where viewers can find links to member organizations’ websites, FAQs, and arts advocacy information. Each month, a different member group will be featured on the website.

     There are numerous ways to engage with and support Livermore’s cultural arts community. To learn more, continue to explores and contact any one or more of the member organizations directly.