President’s Message     November, 2020


Since the inception of the Livermore Cultural Arts Council over 50 years ago, its member groups (all non-profits) have struggled to find affordable storage space for sets, risers, instruments, costumes, props, supplies, documents of historical value and miscellaneous other items. 

In the past, the City of Livermore provided space at Robertson Park, the Barn on Pacific Avenue, and the old Livermore library, now the site of the new City Council Chambers.  Various organizations managed to find temporary solutions at what used to be the Groth Brothers car dealership and the vacated Nob Hill grocery store on South Livermore Avenue.  This nomadic existence has been stressful and expensive.  A year-round multi-year solution is sought. 

Rather than donating money to local cultural arts groups, LCAC is asking the public to consider donating the gift of space.  Even vacant land on which a shipping container might be placed could be invaluable.  Anyone with an empty warehouse, barn or even large garage is encouraged to contact LCAC at   LCAC will consider the size and location of the property, as well as the proposed cost, and match the space to one or more needy member organizations. 

Creative solutions to a decades long problem are welcome.