COVID-19 & the Arts

LCAC’s priority as we shelter in place and exercise social distancing is the continued visibility and financial well being of our member organizations. COVID-19’s disruption of cultural arts offerings is immeasurable. Cancelled performances, closed exhibition venues, and the shift to online education are having a profound impact on our members, not to mention their artists, educators, and audiences. Undaunted, theater, music, dance and heritage companies are offering innovative alternatives to live performances. Visual artists and speakers bureaus are exploring new avenues for public presentations. All of our cultural arts organizations need your help to continue thriving, whether in the form of donated dollars, volunteer hours, or participating in online offerings. We invite the general public to make time to view LCAC member organizations websites  to learn about the creative and thoughtful ways each is adapting to the restrictions necessary due to the pandemic. Your continued support is essential to their survival.

Member organizations will find a wealth of information and guidance at theNews & Resources section of 
The California Arts Council Resource Page: COVID-19 :and The National Endowment for the Arts website: