A Message From the LCAC President

June 16, 2020

Lynn Seppala

 Lynn Seppala, President

We are in the midst of a health crisis that threatens to devastate the arts community, closing venues and altering the ways in which art will be presented. Yet, earthshattering as Covid-19 has been, an important role for the arts has emerged in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Both will shape our community in ways that we can only begin to comprehend. The first forces us to be creative as we find new ways for presenting our art. The second causes us to rethink our mission statements. How we can use art as a healing spirit to transform our community to become more inclusive? How can we use our powers to address the racial bias and racial inequities that permeates our society? Inaction or indifference is not an option for the arts community.  We must listen to voices who have been silenced, learn from them, act and speak out.

 My five years of leading LCAC are coming to a close in September. Because of the Covid-19 crisis, all of our accomplishments which were making LCAC, and our member organizations, more visible to the community will be altered, perhaps forever: Tuesday Tunes, LCAC organizations’ displays at the Livermore Library, and music presentations at the downtown October Art Walk. There is an urgency to act now.

In this transition, Elizabeth (Beth) Trutner, the first woman president in 25 years, will lead us. She became part of the Executive Board immediately upon her nomination and continues after her unanimous election. During this summer break, she is leading the efforts to rethink and then change how LCAC can be more effective for our arts and education organizations. She, Lisa Tromovitch and I have written a response to the Black Lives Matter movement. With Bob Gausman’s great technical skills, advice from Mark Rose and Denise Leddon, Beth is guiding the task of rolling out a revamped website in these turbulent times.

Thank you for the privilege of leading this organization, for the time and efforts of the Executive Board, and all who contributed to the monthly meetings’ dialogue. Reach out to Beth, get involved on a regular basis, and help transform LCAC to meet the challenges and opportunities we are facing.